Lonesome George

Lonesome George

厄瓜多電影及視聽文化局(Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Creation of Ecuador, CCA)基金,Ganador Fondos Concursables IFCI 2020, Ibero-American Film Festival Miami

(上方為 George 本片的介紹性影片,裡頭的音樂為導演從正片中剪輯而出。 The video above is an introductory trailer for the film "George." The music featured in it is edited from the original soundtrack of the film by the director.)

▎故事簡介 Synopsis


"George" is a 3D animated short film set in the iconic Galapagos archipelago in Ecuador, based on the life of Lonesome George, known for being the last giant tortoise of his species.

▎配樂概念 Music Idea

以適合 3D 角色動畫及世界觀的管弦樂為基底,融入厄瓜多的傳統樂器如 Ocarina 及排笛,試圖和影像同步呈現多元豐富的 George(為真實存在的巨龜) 的一生。

Based on orchestral music suitable for 3D character animation and world-building, traditional Ecuadorian instruments such as the ocarina and pan flute are incorporated, aiming to synchronize with the visuals to present the diverse and rich life of George, the real-life giant tortoise.


Director|Dorian Cambi
Music|Peilin Wu(Texture Music)